Financing Your Education

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Tuition and Fees

Current tuition rates/fees are available at the Bursar’s Office. The University offers an interest-free Tuition Payment Plan. The Office of Financial Assistance also can help students with their applications for student loans.

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Tuition Reductions for Educators

Tuition reductions are offered to teachers and other educators who enroll in most graduate programs in the arts and sciences.

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Tuition Reduction for Augustinian Volunteers

VU offers a 50% reduction in tuition  to Augustinian Volunteers.

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We admit annually four University-funded students to the combined Master/Doctoral Program. Each student receives full-tuition remission and an annual stipend. Funding is contingent upon good standing in the program and guaranteed for 12 semesters, that is, for the whole duration of studies.

The 2018/19 stipend amount is $24,810.

Assistantship recipients are not responsible for any service to the Department in years one and two of their studies. In years three and four, students work as Research Assistants (12 hours per week). In years five and six, students teach four courses (one each in the fall and spring semesters).