Master of Arts in Theology

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Our Master of Arts in Theology degree designates a general degree that meets a plurality of professional needs. It is particularly beneficial for those who intend to distribute course work evenly across all academic areas in preparation, for example, for secondary school education or lay ministry work.

Programs Learning Goals

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Goal 1

Engaging Faith and Culture

Objective A

Engage theology informed by the breadth of theological and cultural traditions.

Objective B

Contextualize faith meaningfully within an analysis of contemporary culture, relating faith and culture for our time as Augustine did for his.

Goal 2

Integrating Knowledge

Objective A

Bring theological perspectives (and their methods of analysis) in dialogue with each other: biblical, historical and Augustinian, fundamental/systematic theological, cultural, ethical, spiritual, and ministerial.

Objective B

Integrate theological knowledge and experience in course work.

Goal 3

Learning in the Augustinian Tradition

Objective A

Nurture a way of knowing that is in­fused with care and love or, to use an Augustinian metaphor, knowing with the heart and the mind.

Objective B

Integrate faith into the social and cultural environment beyond the classroom.

Program Requirements

Full-Time 2 yrs
Part-Time 6 yrs
Credit Requirements 30
Foundation Credits 9-15*
Elective Credits 15-21**
Credit Limits/Area ≤ 12
Extra-Departmental Credits ≤ 6
Credit Transfer ≤ 6
Concentration (Credits/Area) 12
Portfolio Yes
GPA 3.0

* Students with ≥12 credits in undergraduate theology or religion on transcript prior to program admission complete 9 foundation credits. Others complete 15 credits.
** Foundation credits are prerequisite for electives.

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You may choose elective courses in the following areas:

  • Biblical Studies/Theology
  • Systematic/Fundamental Theology
  • Historical Theology and Augustinian Tradition
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Interfaith Studies
  • Global Christianities
  • Religious/Theological Education
  • Lay Ministry
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If you wish to specialize your studies you may choose a concentration, which will be noted on your transcript. It permits you to focus your studies, individualize your degree program, and tailor it to suit your academic, professional, and personal goals and objectives.

A concentration may enhance your academic portfolio for future employment or further academic studies.

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