Faculty & Staff

photo gallery of faculty profiles. Top row from top left: Drs. Yates, Delio, Faggioli, Beyer. Bottom row from left: Drs. Smith, Lloyd, San Chirico, Grimes Dr. Jonathan YatesDr. Ilia DelioDr. Ilia DelioDr. Massimo FaggioliDr. Gerald BeyerDr. Rachel SmithDr. Vincent LloydDr. Kerry San ChiricoDr. Kathleen Grimes
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Dr. Peter Spitaler

Undergraduate Program
Dr. Mark Graham

Graduate Program (MA, MTS, Certificates)
Dr. Edward Hastings

Ph.D. Program Admission
Dr. Jonathan Yates

Ph.D. Program Programming and Advising
Dr. Stefanie Knauss

Assessment Coordinator
Dr. Timothy Hanchin

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Biblical Studies

Christian Ethics

Christian Spirituality

Fundamental/Systematic Theology

Historical Theology

Global Religions

Practical Theology

Religious & Theological Education

Theories & Methods of Culture

Continuing Faculty

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Sudhakshina Rangaswami, Ph.D. Research Associate

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