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Summer Research Fellowships

About the Fellowship

Summer fellowships to support graduate student research and scholarship are available every year from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Awards of $3,000 summer stipends are granted on a competitive basis.


Graduate students in any program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The deadline for applications is January 21 for research or other scholarly activity to take place during the summer (June, July, and August).  No extensions will be granted.

Villanova University students cannot receive support to conduct research in countries under a Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State. In the event that a country is placed on a travel warning after funding has been awarded, students must communicate with the Office of Graduate Studies to cancel travel arrangements and return any funds that have been awarded.

To apply, visit the Research Fellowship page on the Graduate Studies website.


Villanova Theatre Students Awarded this Fellowship:


Alexandra Espinoza

Alexandra Espinoza ('18) received this fellowship in 2016 for a project titled "Oral History as Performance in the Practice of Theatre for Social Change."

About this project, Espinoza says:

Theatre for social change is a practice in which artist facilitators work within a community to foster space for dialogue and to strengthen the voice of those who are unheard within their community, and/or by larger power structures in society. I will be looking specifically at best practices in encouraging community members to share their personal stories and how to foster attention to aesthetics and theatrics in this process. I will be attending theatre workshops and will also be trained in trauma informed artistic practice in order to serve as a volunteer drama facilitator with BuildaBridge International, a community arts intervention organization in Philadelphia. Ultimately, I hope my research can highlight some commonalities between the use of oral history in theatre for social change and the development of new works intended for a more general theatre audience. I believe that finding these commonalities will help in establishing new methods and frameworks for creating theatre art that is by, for, and of communities. 


Sierra Wright

Sierra Wright ('18) received this fellowship in 2017 for her project titled "“Navigating the World of Fiscal Sponsorship: A Guide for Artistic and Cultural Organizations."

Her abstract follows:

This project involves examining the process to obtain and consequences of fiscal sponsorship agreements for startup artistic and cultural projects and organizations.  Because a newly formed organization may not have the resources to properly obtain and keep tax-exempt status, a fiscal sponsorship agreement can be a valuable alternative.   The goal of this project is to synthesize information about fiscal sponsorships into a guide that helps artistic and cultural organizations understand what a fiscal sponsorship agreement is; determine whether or not fiscal sponsorship would be a benefit to their organization; how to best prepare for a fiscal sponsorship agreement; and how to avoid common mistakes throughout the process. 

Patrick McAndrew

Patrick McAndrew

Patrick McAndrew ('17) received this fellowship in 2016 to train with the Village Playback Theatre  with the Alliance of Resident Theatres in Brooklyn, New York.  He trained in a form of theatre known as Playback Theatre, which is a type of theatre that employs improvisational techniques to tell and enact stories from audience members' lives. This work culminated in two performances in New York City. Playback Theatre "elevates each story for personal growth, relationship-building, and leadership development."


Cari Brezina

Cari Brezina ('15) received this fellowship in 2015 for a writing project entitled "Fantasy Sketching: Decoding the Stream-of-Conscious Image Abstraction Technique of Maurice Sendak."


Megan Diehl

Megan Diehl ('14) received this fellowship in 2013 to fund her project entitled "'Suit the Action to the Word': The Relationship of Dramaturgy and Arts Management in Contemporary Theater."

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