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Studio Show

devised theatre
(From left) Kevin Esmond, Kara Krichman, and Zandra Espinoza in We Must Share Everything, a devised piece directed by Lexa Grace

The Studio Production is an opportunity for second year M.A. in Theatre candidates to produce a student run production.  The intention of this production is to provide a creative opportunity to advance the experience of our students.  Consequently, student directors and their production team will receive access to the resources of the costume, props and set shops, to be determined with the VTD staff.  The Studio Production should utilize student actors, designers, and technical crews. 

There will also be a modest budget not to exceed $500, and rights costs will be negotiated separately.  The scope of the production should be conceived within the limits of a modest design with an emphasis on acting and directing.

A faculty and a staff mentor will be assigned to the production to consult and support the student production team.  The expectation of the department is that the artistic director and the student production team will be invited to an early run. 

Performance dates are January 24-27, 2019.  Rehearsal schedules will be managed by the student production team and reviewed by the Production Manager. 

Applicants must write a proposal of no more than 500 words describing the title and vision of the production.  An application must be submitted to the Chair of the Villanova Theatre Department (VTD)--date TBD. The applications will be reviewed by members of the faculty and the staff and a decision will be made by early October.  One project will be selected.

Required application materials:

  • Completed Studio Production Questionnaire
    • 500 word project concept description
    • Production team identification
    • Estimated budgetary requirements
    • Timeline/Rehearsal schedule


  • Neither academic nor practicum credit will be assigned to this project.
  • The Student Studio Show is not part of VTD’s main stage programming.
  • Although the Studio Show must be produced by 2nd year MA in Theatre candidates, any undergraduate and graduate Villanova student can participate in the studio as actors, designers, crew, etc.


three tall women poster

THREE TALL WOMEN by Edward Albee

What does it mean to come face to face with mortality? Edward Albee's Three Tall Women centers around A, a 91 year old woman loosely based on Albee's own mother. In addition to A there are two other equally complicated women, B and C. Together they present a wide spectrum of philosophies on what it means to be a woman; as well as what it means to be alive in the 20th century. The winner of the 1994 Pulitzer prize.

Director: Travis Milliman

Scenery & Lighting Designer: Magdalena Schutzler

Stage Manager: Ilia Campbell


Angela Longo

Melissa Sturges

Nickolette Jones

villanova theatre presents a new play reading by ann marley directed by andrea-rumblemoore january 27 at 8 pm vasey studio a case study in diagnostics and empathy

A Case Study in Diagnostics and Empathy by Ann Marley

The world shifts when every living person develops a mental illness. A small community of strangers and family must fight through the chaos and learn to cope with their new symptoms. Emily, who was diagnosed bipolar previously, struggles to help her schizophrenic neighbor and her sister through panic attacks. Psychiatrists rob pharmacies of their medications. Suicides spread over the news. A family struggles to survive. With portraits of 7 different mental illnesses, A CASE STUDY IN DIAGNOSTICS AND EMPATHY, asks us to reexamine how we interact with mental illness.

Director: Andrea Rumble-Moore

Stage Directions/SM: Marissa Kennedy


Emily: Ali Curth

Garret: CJ Miller

Kurt: Kevin Esmond

Eugene: Kasey Phillips

Joanne: Annalise Settefrati

Estar: Megan Schumacher

Janet: Kelly McAnally

Dealers 1-3: Travis Milliman, Heather Lemos, and Stephen Reaugh

villanova theatre studio show student MA masters

WE MUST SHARE EVERYTHING, a devised theatre piece directed by Lexa Grace Vanech

WE MUST SHARE EVERYTHING invited audiences to join everyday men and women as they navigate a confusing landscape of private and public spaces. In today’s world of technology and mass communication, characters emerge from the darkness of the theater to question the boundaries of privacy and identity. Six dynamic performers discovered the burdens and benefits of sharing in an immersive experiment where the audience creates the content of the performances. No performance was the same, questions demanded answers, and your limits were be tested. If privacy is dead, does it matter?

Featured Performers:
Tara Demmy
Kevin Esmond
Alexandra King
Kara Krichman
Brishen Miller
Andrea Rumble-Moore

villanova theatre ma acting evaluation room
Elise D'Avella (top) and Amanda Coffin (bottom)

The Evaluation Room, an new play by Kristin Miller ('16)

The Evaluation Room explores the consequences of Frank’s choice to exit a world which hauntingly intersects our own, a world that demands instant gratification and success. Frank rejects a world in which hesitation, doubt, and failure are not options, and vulnerability looks dangerously like a liability.  The play looks at the way we construct elaborate personal mythologies that ultimately foster a sense of disconnection with the people around us and with our own soul. Surrounded by familiar characters that become suddenly unfamiliar, Frank must navigate the fault lines of her own humanity and the fractures of her heart.  As The Evaluation Room invites the audience to participate in Frank’s journey towards self-realization and acceptance, it begs the question: Can we face our deepest shadows in order to truly find freedom?



Director:                        Meg Trelease

Set Design:                    Brenden Kortenhaus

Costume Design:            Stephen Tornetta

Prop Design:                  Elizabeth Campbell

Light Design:                 Kristin Miller and Kyle Fennie

PR/Advertising:             Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez

Box Office:                     Sarah Kelley

House Management:      Kevin Esmond


Frank: Jess Otterbine

Ree: Amanda Coffin

J-Man: Mark Wheeler

Prince: John Lauer

Mags: Elise D'Avella

Lizzie: Ebeth Campbell

Gabe: Lize Meisenzahl

Department of Theatre and Studio Art
800 E. Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085