May Miller

May Miller
May Miller


  • 1899    May Miller was born in Washington, D.C., shortly after the Emancipation  Proclamation
  • May Miller attended Dunbar High School and studied under Mary P. Burrill and Angelina Weld Grimke.
  • May began writing poetry at an early age.
  • May was the first African American student to attend Johns Hopkins University and became a pioneer of sociology.
  • 1920    May graduated from Howard University.
  • May completed graduate studies in poetry and drama at American University and Columbia University.
  • May taught English and Speech for twenty years at Frederick Douglass High School, in Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1925    May’s play The Bog Guide was published in Opportunity Magazine and won the third place prize in the play category.
  • 1995    May Miller died

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A List of May’s Work:


1959    Into the Clearing (The Charioteer Press)

1962    Poems (Cricket Press)

1964    Lyrics of Three Women (Linden Press)

1973    Not That Far (The Solo Press)

1974    The Clearing and Beyond (The Charioteer Press)

1975    Dust of Uncertain Journey (Lotus Press)

1981    Halfway to the Sun (Washington Writers Publishing House)

1983    The Ransomed Wait (Lotus Press)

1989    Collected Poems (Lotus Press)


1925    The Bog Guide

1929    Scratches

1930    Stragglers in the Dust

1933    Nails and Thorns

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      (Oldest Black Periodical -Founded by William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, in 1910, and became the crusading voice for civil rights.)

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