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Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium 2019

PTRS - Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium Villanova
Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium Villanova 2019 theme is "adaptation." Keynote Speaker: John Collins of Elevator Repair Service held May 3-4, 2019.


Join in the conversation to ask some of the nation’s most illustrious scholars and innovative practitioners: How do plays grow out of existing text? How do we adapt a work to the stage? How does adaptation work across mediums? Across borders? What are the relationships between original works and adaptations? How do we begin to reimagine a well-known text?

PTRS Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium Villanova Theatre MA

Agenda: Day One

Date: May 3, 2019

Place: BARTLEY HALL 1010


9:30 am      Registration

11:00 am    New York City Experimental Theatre
                  - Johan Callens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
                    "(Un)Tethering the Ghoul of Adaptation"
                  - Daniella Vinitski Mooney,
                                           University of Pennsylvania
                    "Performance of GAle GAtes et al. Tilly Losch:
                     GAle GAtes et. al. and the American Dream"
                  - Arthur Sabatini, Arizona University
                    "Lee Breuer and Adaptations"

12:30 pm    Lunch

1:30 pm      Adapting the Past
                  - Sam Kirk, University of Pennsylvania
                    "Tracing Theatrical Adaptions, Contemporary
                     and Historical"
                  - Alison Walls, The Graduate Center, CUNY
                    "Auntie Mame - Again: Nostalgia for Modernity
                     in the Multiple Adaptations of Auntie Mame"

3:00 pm      Break

3:15 pm      Emerging Scholars Panel
                  - CJ Miller, Villanova University
                    "The Lye of Grease: An All-black
                     Representation of an 'American' Classic"
                  - Mary Lyon, Villanova University
                    "The Importance of Being Inclusive:
                     The Necessity of Diversity in Adaptating
                     and Translating Classical Text"
                  - Melissa Sturges, Villanvoa University
                    "Science Fiction Double Feature: 'Monsters
                     from the Id' and how Shakespeare was
                     a Sci-Fi Preliminary"
                  - Alexandra Mitchell, Villanova University
                    "Children Will Listen: Effective Adaptation
                     of Fairytale in Sondheim and Lapine's Into
                     the Woods"

5:00 pm      Break

5:15 pm      Keynote Address by John Collins,
                                                Elevator Repair Service

7:00 pm      Reception


Agenda: Day Two

Date: May 4, 2019


9:00 am      Adaptaion as/through Processes  
                   - Rachel Dickstein, Purchase College, SUNY
                      "There She Was: Embodying Interiority,
                       Trauma and Feminism in Ripe Time's stage
                       adaptations of work by Virginia Woolf
                       and Haruki Murakami"
                   - Brittney Harris, Virginia Tech
                     "Embodying Redemption Through Theatre:
                      Performing Being B.A.D."
                   - Parade Stone, Independent Scholar
                     "Linguistic Theatricality: Translations
                      of Phenomenological Experience of Desire
                      in Julia Cho's The Language Archive"
                   - Julian Mesri, Columbia University
                     "Re-Imagined Communities - Making
                      Contemporary Theater out of History"

10:30 am      Break

10:45 am      Adaptation as World Building
                    - Janet Werther, The Graduate Center, CUNY
                      "Dyke Dramas: Lesbian Adaptation as Queer
                       World-Making Praxis"
                    - Jirye Lee, The Ohio State University
                      "Between 'adapted by' and 'inspired by'
                       Shakespeare's The Tempest adapted and dir.
                       by Kelly Hunter epecially for children
                       on the Autism Spectrum"
                    - Hui Peng, SUNY Buffalo
                      "Facing the digital Frankenstein: An adapted
                       theatrical intervention in everyday life"

12:15 pm      Lunch

1:15 pm        Workshop with Elevator Repair Service
                                                        Vasey Studio                   


The goal of the Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium is to provide a forum for theatre scholars and practitioners to share their research and enter into a dialogue about current trends in theatrical practice and scholarship. The Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium is free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Heimann, Graduate Research Scholar and Coordinator of this event.

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