Course Listings

THE 2019 The Theatrical Experience (3 credits)

The variety of arts and crafts that combine to create theatre. Through hands-on experience, discussion, and performance, the interrelations among dramatic idea, stage direction, acting, design and technical elements that harmonize in a theatrical production are discovered.

THE 2025 Improvisational Theatre (3 credits)

Improvisation to explore non-verbal communication strategies and the study of theatre as a communication medium. Readings in non-verbal communication and modern theatre theory.

THE 2029 Fundamental Principles of Acting (3 credits)

Traditional acting theories and basic techniques: games, improvisation, sensory awareness exercises and beginning work on scenes.

THE 2030 Advanced Principles of Acting (3 credits)

Expands the use of acting theory and techniques through advanced exercises and scene work. Emphasis on the development of imagination, artistic conceptualization and characterization.

THE 2032 Elements of Dance (3 credits)

The broad range of dance styles, dance theory, vocabulary, and body placement.

THE 2033 Advanced Elements of Dance (3 credits)

Expanded study of dance styles, dance theory, vocabulary, and body placement.

THE 2034 Musical Theatre (3 credits)

Explores the conventions of musical theatre. Practical work in the application of musical performance theory to specific song, movement and stylized acting techniques.

THE 2040 Theatre Practicum (0 credits)

Significant and responsible participation in the department's production program.

THE 2051 Creativity in the Theatre (3 credits)

Employing writing, acting, directing, movement, film, music and mixed-media elements, the course creates and experimental definition of theatre including content, structure and form.

THE 3006 Shakespeare on Stage (3 credits)

Shakespeare texts as theatrical experiences, including both traditional and modern approaches to directing Shakespeare. practical scene work to make complex language accessible to beginning students.

THE 3008 Black Theatre (3 credits)

Focuses on the development of Black theatre as an outgrowth of African-American historical evolution with an emphasis on those plays which are enduring.

THE 3030 Special Topics in Theatre (3 credits)

A specialized area of theatre studies (e.g., avant-garde, feminist, Asian, melodrama), combining elements of theatre history, dramatic literature and criticism, as well as performance and production aspects of live theatre.

THE 4014 Women and Theatre (3 credits)

The contribution of women artists to the American theatre, discussing the particular social issues, and the pertinent historical perceptions and problems encountered by women in the arts.

THE 4020 Directed Studies in Theatre (3 credits)

Reading and practical work in a specialized area of theatrical production or scholarship under the direction of a faculty artist or scholar.

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