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About the Villanova University Theatre Department

villanova graduate theatre
Godspell, 2017

Mission Statement

The Villanova University Theatre Department aims to inform and inspire theatre artists, administrators, and scholars who will impact the future of this dynamic art form.  Our culture of creativity engages in rigorous study and the practical application of theatrical theories and techniques.  We believe art has the power to transform hearts and minds by challenging both individuals and communities.  

Learning Goals

Students undergo a rigorous course of study that is a combination of scholarly, artistic, and practical approaches to theatre. The comprehensive M.A. provides crucial tools for the developing theatre practitioner, educator, or scholar. 

A series of core courses encompassing the history of theatrical production and the theory, criticism, and analysis of dramatic literature supports a comprehensive range of elective studies in acting, directing, design, and playwriting. The program provides experience in the fundamentals of research, as well as several of the component crafts of theatre, culminating in the final semester in a specialized study in a selected artistic or research area.

Students matriculate into the program from a wide variety of undergraduate majors, spanning the humanities and the sciences. The result is a vibrant, diverse community of scholars with passion for theatre as a common denominator.

The experience and knowledge our students gain in class, on stage, and behind the scenes allows these well-rounded scholars to embark on careers as actors, directors, stage managers, playwrights, dramaturgs, administrators, teachers, and critics.


Metamorphoses, 2009

Department of Theatre and Studio Art
800 E. Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085