Sociology Major Requirements


A student must have completed Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1000) with a “C+” or higher or have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Major (33 credits/11 courses):

The major in Sociology requires the completion of 11 courses (33 credits). A student must allow three full semesters after the declaration of the major to complete all requirements. One of the Sociology electives for the Major can be satisfied by an internship for credit with approval from the department chair, provided that the student has at least 15 credits toward the Major.   

Required Courses:

  • SOC 1000 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 5300 - Data Analysis for Social Scientists
  • SOC 5400 - Applied Research Methods in Sociology
  • SOC 6500 - Senior Seminar (Prerequisite: one theroy and both research courses) 
  • Five sociology electives and one criminology elective

One of the following THEORY Courses (Prerequisite: SOC 1000)

  • SOC 5000 - Nature and History of Sociological Theory
  • SOC 5050 - Sociological Theory and Research
  • SOC 5100 - Contemporary Theory and Research 

A student taking an internship in a field setting in the second semester of the junior year or during the senior year should consult with the Chair and Director of the Internship Program.

Chair:  Dr. Robert Defina, 204 St. Augustine Center,, (610) 519-4482