Course Listings

The links below will provide you with the course listings for both Sociology and Criminology:

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Diversity Requirement

Each undergraduate in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is required to select one course in two of the following three areas:

Diversity (1) - courses which provide a focus on studies emphasizing ethnic and minority experiences in the United States.

Diversity (2) - courses which provide a focus on women's experiences and highlight the ways in which gender influences experience.

Diversity (3) - courses which provide a focus on the culture, economics, politics or ecology of societies and nations other than those of Europe and the United States.

The following Sociology courses fulfill the diversity requirement:

Diversity (1) - SOC 2100, 2950, 3450, 3600

Diversity (2) - SOC 2300, 3500

Diversity (3) - SOC 2100

Several of our courses are cross-listed with other departments, including: