Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF) Program


The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF) Program of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships is designed to provide financial support (including housing) for student research. The Faculty Undergraduate Research Council determines funding allocations to be awarded as stipends for student researchers and faculty collaborators, as well as funding available for supplies, travel, and conference support.

The VURF program was established on the premise that active, independent research experience helps student scholars develop important skills in proposal writing, obtaining research funding, carrying out a project and reporting the results. For more information please go to the VURF home page.


Kenny Tsang, Criminal Justice Major, class of 2013, was a VURF Fellow and shares his experience below:

As a current undergraduate student who aspires to be a social scientist, I have come to realize the importance of high quality research and became energized to conduct my own independent study.

The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (VURF) provided me with the freedom and resources to complete a research study last summer entirely of my own design which was inspired by my own personal experiences and humanitarian interests.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Allison Payne, I have acquired unique, hands-on research skills including proposal writing, questionnaire construction and administration, participant sampling and recruitment, quantitative data analysis, and article preparation.  My work will culminate with a research presentation this April (2013) at the 27th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) which will be held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

My experiences as a research fellow have proven to be invaluable component of my education at Villanova and will serve as a foundation for my graduate studies and professional endeavors.  I strongly encourage you to apply to the VURF program!  Please don't hesistate to contact the department chair, Dr. DeFina ( to discuss this opportunity and prepare an application.