Overview of Criminology Program

Why Study Criminology?

What will a major in criminology prepare you to do? The liberal arts flavor of our criminology program will prepare you to write and communicate well, develop analytical and problem-solving skills, and other abilities which graduate schools and employers value.

You could build a career as a juvenile court caseworker or probation officer, or working with kids at risk. Crime prevention agencies attempt to develop and implement programs for families, schools and communities designed to reduce crime, and your skills would be a valuable asset in these efforts. If you feel strongly about making a difference, then hands-on work in a teen runaway shelter or domestic violence shelter may be appealing to you.

The Department encourages students to participate in the internship program through which students earn credit while working at community agencies (e.g. People’s Emergency Center, Catholic Social Services), criminal justice agencies (e.g. Philadelphia DA’s Office, Del. Co. Probation Dept.), or other agencies specific to their interests.