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The Freedom and Virtue Learning Community (formerly the Pursuit of Excellence Learning Community) is dedicated to the advancement of sound liberal education for undergraduate students, with an emphasis on reading and discussing the primary texts that have had a significant impact on our cultural tradition.  The Ryan Center seeks to challenge its students and compel them to ask questions about the characteristics of a liberal education, what it really means to be human, and what is necessary to flourish and live a good life.  At the center of these questions are the themes of liberty, excellence, and freedom.  Freedom and Virtue is committed to an education of mind and character and providing meaningful instruction to undergraduates.   

Freedom and Virtue is composed of six sections of Augustinian Cultural Seminar, a freshman course, in which members chose to reside with their classmates.  Students in Freedom and Virtue are given the opportunity to attend additional lectures and events sponsored by the Center.  Some of these events include scholarly lectures, hall-wide discussions, and field trips.  This helps to encourage a community atmosphere and further discussion outside of the classroom setting. 

The Center often sponsors two visiting professors in Freedom and Virtue, giving students the opportunity to interact with gifted and caring teachers both in and out of the classroom.  The Center’s success is ultimately measured in the outstanding education of its students, and sponsoring professors and holding events aid in this pursuit.       

Freedom and Virtue

For more information about the Freedom and Virtue Learning Community at Delurey Hall, please visit this page.