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The Russian Area Studies Concentration is open to all undergraduates at Villanova University. To complete the requirements for the concentration, a student must take 18 credit hours in the following areas:

  • at least two semesters of Russian language at the intermediate level;
  • four electives chosen from designated courses in History, Literature, Political Science, Economics, Religious Studies, and Art and Art History;

Russian Area Studies offers a major as a specialization of a Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) major. The major in Russian Area Studies provides an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to deepen students' understandings of the history, culture, religion, politics, literature, and society of Russia. Students may sign up for the major and choose their Russian Area Studies specialization through the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies in 36 Garey Hall. The GIS Chair and the  Program Director of  Russian Area Studies will work closely with each student to develop their individual interests, abilities, and career goals while fulfilling the requirements for their major.   

The specific requirements for the major in Russian Area Studies can be found on the GIS website.

The minor in Russian Language and Cultural Studies requires six courses. RUS 1111/1112; RUS 1123/1124; and two courses beyond intermediate level (i.e. RUS 1131/1132).

The Russian Language and Cultural Studies Program offers courses that cover the study of multiple aspects of Russian language and cultural studies including literature, culture, folklore, music, film, journalism, and new media. This allows students to become familiar with Russian culture and society and the life experiences of Russians.

Russian Language and Cultural Studies represents a cutting edge intellectual experience that provides its minors with a real advantage in critiquing, understanding, and navigating the global landscape.

*A Russian Area Studies Concentration can be gained with the minor.

For more information about the minor and other Russian Language and Cultural Studies programs, please visit the GIS website.

Proficiency in Russian language is required by the successful completion of at least two semesters of Russian at the intermediate level, or by demonstrated proficiency at that level. Beyond the required level, students may take advanced language courses in Russian conversation and composition.

Students are expected to complete twelve credit hours, or four courses, in designated electives, which include:

  • Land of the Tsars and Commissars
  • The History of Imperial Russia
  • Russia and the USSR in the Twentieth Century
  • Politics and Government of Russia
  • Russian Foreign Policy
  • The Cold War
  • Russia's Relations with the Islamic States
  • The Russian Drama

The requirements of the Russian Area Studies Concentration can also satisfy, wholly or in part, many requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences core curriculum, such as the foreign language, diversity, and integrative sequence requirements.

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Contact Information

Rev. Joseph Loya, OSA, PhD
Director, Russian Area Studies
Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
Phone: 610-519-7243

Sarah Peters
Program Coordinator
Theology and Religious Studies Department
Phone: 610-519-4732