Summer Abroad Program

Topics in Moscow and Planned Excursions

  • Day 1: History of the Kremlin. Russian Rule. (The Kremlin’s museums and churches.)
  • Day 2: Moscow Streets and Architecture (Pushkin Monument, Bulgakov’s Moscow, New Moscow)
  • Day 3: Field trip to Vladimir and Bogolubovo. Russian countryside
  • Day 4: Russian Art (Tretyakov Gallery)
  • Day 5: Russia’s Churches and Monasteries (Sergiev Posad)
  • Day 6: Soviet Culture (Lenin’s Mausoleum).
  • Day 7: Contemporary Russian Politics and Culture. Optional: Russian Customs (Bathhouses, Restaurants, Clubs)

Topics in Petersburg and Planned Excursions

  • Day 1: Peter’s Legacy (Peter and Paul Fortress, Bronze Horseman, Petersburg Streets, Architecture, and History
  • Day 2: Petersburg Streets, Architecture, and History. St. Isaac Cathedral
  • Day 3: The Culture of Russian Empire (Palace Square, Winter Palace, The Hermitage)
  • Day 4: The Culture of Russian Empire (Palaces of Russia’s rulers in the city of Peterdhof)
  • Day 5: Russian Literature in Petersburg (Haunts of Gogol and Dostoevsky, Dostoevsky Museum.)
  • Day 6: Free time. Conclusion.

Required Reading

  • Natasha’s Dance. (Figos)
  • Face of Russia (Billington)