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Scholarship Opportunities


ROTC offers full tuition scholarships worth up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and general fees per year. Alternatively, these scholarships may be used towards room and board (up to $10,000/year) in lieu of tuition and fees. These are competitively awarded to the most deserving scholars, athletes, and leaders! While the majority of our students are undergraduate students, we are open to graduate students.

Scholarship Cadets


In addition to their tuition and fees, Scholarship Cadets receive a monthly stipend of $420 while actively participating in the ROTC program, as well as a $1,200 annual book allotment.


Other Benefits


·       A free comprehensive physical examination

·       Free travel, room, and food for all authorized ROTC training

·       Free air travel on Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights on a space available basis (for contracted Cadets)

·       Opportunity to attend military schools (Airborne, Air Assault, etc.)

·       Academic credit for MS courses

·       Social organizations and club teams