Army ROTC is the single largest source of scholarship money in the United States. Each year, the Army awards millions of dollars in scholarships, based on merit not need, to thousands of deserving students nationwide:

  • 4 year, 3.5, 3 and 2-year scholarships are available to qualified students.
  • High school seniors may be awarded either a Four or Three-year scholarship.
  • College freshmen and sophomores can apply for and be awarded either a Three or Two-year scholarship respectively.

Army ROTC scholarships pay for:

  • Tuition - 100% tuition and general fees (Effective January 2006)
  • Books - $1,200 per school year
  • Required college fees
  • Tax-free living stipend ($300 for MS Is, $350 for MS II's, $450 for MS III's and $500 for MS IV's)
  • Villanova University provides additional incentives as well (call for details)

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