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Prospective Cadets

Most people have heard of the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (or ROTC), but few really know how it works and even fewer realize the opportunities that exist for people of all different backgrounds and interests.

From nurses to engineers, pilots to the famous Special Forces, from humanitarian relief to Wall Street, ROTC is the stepping stone for people who want to make a difference, and a path to leadership.

How ROTC works on Campus

Believe it or not, you register for ROTC just like any other course here at the Villanova University. Our classes fall under what is known as Military Science.

Normally your level of Military Science (MS) corresponds to your academic alignment. For example: Freshman year is the MS I year, Sophomore, MS II and so on. 

Classes are designed to introduce you and develop your leadership skills through classroom and practical exercises that can be applied to all facets of your school, work, and personal life. Additionally, we will orient you to what the Army is and how it works.


Contact: Mr. Karbel

Tel: (610) 568-0913 Gov't Cell, (610) 490-7035 Office