Placement Test Instructions

Please see the directions below for the test that you would like to take, and choose from one of the tests listed in the box:

Instructions for the Italian Placement Test

To take the Italian Placement Test please view the PDF instructions below.

Instructions for the French and Spanish Tests

The online placement test in French and Spanish will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. We will receive a copy of your results so you do not need to send them to us. Once you finish taking the test, your final score will be displayed on the screen for you to print out, or you may cut and paste the text of the final score to insert in an e-mail message which you then send to yourself for your records. In addition, your academic advisor can also access your final language placement test score.

Note: As of January 2005, your final language placement test score will not be sent to you by e-mail.

Please print-out and read the following easy 5-step instructions before taking the online placement test in French or Spanish.

The online placement test is available 24 hours a day.  Use the pull-down menu to choose Villanova University (vu) and then click on "Go."


When you see the Welcome screen, enter the following password to enter the placement test site: wildcats1 (all lowercase letters and the number one) and press “Login.”


Select the language (French or Spanish) you will be taking in the Fall semester and press “Begin.”


When you fill-out the questionnaire, please make a note of the information (First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address) exactly as you enter it since you will need this information to review your final score or to resume an exam. *You might want to print a copy of this screen for your records!*


Once you complete the questionnaire and press “continue” you will see the following practice test item screen. Click on the practice test item and then “Submit Answer” to begin taking the online placement test.


When you have completed the online placement test, please print the following screen for your records. *Please make sure to click "FINISHED!" Or the exam will not be completed.


If you have technical difficulties while taking the placement exam please contact: Anne-Marie Joyce 610-519-7478.