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Upcoming Career and Professional Development Activities offered through the Career Center and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Office for Undergraduate Students can be found here.

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Obtain TEFL Certification in the Public Schools in Mexico HERE

Assistant Teacher Positions available with Holy Child Volunteers

Holy Child Volunteers ( is looking for graduating seniors with strong Spanish language skills who might want to spend the next year volunteering as assistant teachers in their Montessori-based school in the Dominican Republic. Teaching experience is not necessary to be a Holy Child Volunteer - a desire to help the underserved, strong Spanish language skills, and a love for children are, however! 

Holy Child Volunteers offers volunteers a small stipend, room/board, orientation, and health insurance, among other things. 

Holy Child Volunteers an 11-month program - one of the shorter "long-term" international volunteer opportunities available, so they are a good program for those who are not sure they are ready or able to commit to the 2+ years that most international volunteer programs require. Holy Child Volunteers do have the opportunity to renew for additional years, however, once their initial service year is over. This year's volunteer year runs from July 31, 2015-June 30, 2016. 

A video, more information, and the application can be found on their website: They accept applicants on a rolling admissions basis. 

2-year teaching residency for outstanding SPANISH graduating students through the Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers

Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT) is recruiting bright, energetic and committed young people with a major in Spanish as well as any recent Spanish grads for an opportunity to contribute two years of their lives in service to young people in Catholic schools while earning a fully funded master’s degree in education and teacher certification. PACT is a two year service teaching program within the Department of Professional Studies at Providence College. PACT exists to contribute to the renewal and enrichment of Catholic education in New England by providing Catholic elementary and secondary schools with highly qualified professional educators.

Teachers in the PACT program are recent college graduates who:

a) Graduated with a GPA of 3.00 or better

b) Serve as full time teachers in Catholic schools in dioceses throughout New England.

c) Complete most of their course work during two summers of intensive study on the Providence College campus

d) Live together during the school year in small faith-based communities

e) In addition to teaching, provide service to their schools as coaches, moderators, advisors, campus ministers, etc.

f) Earn a fully funded Master of Education degree

PACT has a record of 100% employment for its graduates each year.

Applicants do NOT need to have studied education courses before applying.

Application information and forms are available at

Interested students should contact the PACT office – 401 865 2657 or or

Spanish Cultural Ambassador with the Embassy of Spain

In order to promote Spanish language and culture in institutions of higher learning of the US, the Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission Miami, with the support of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and EDUESPAÑA, has developed a program called "SiS Student Ambassadors." This program, sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Cultural Services of the Spanish Embassy, offers young Americans the opportunity to live and work in Spain for 7 months with a salary, teaching English to Spanish students of all ages.  Positions are located in metropolitan areas of Spain. 

Click here for information regarding the Spanish Cultural Ambassador Program.

K-12 Spanish Teaching Opportunities with Southern Teachers Agency

Southern Teachers Agency has helped great schools hire great teachers since 1902.  They recruit top talent from college schools of education, teacher-training programs, and—what many folks may not realize—from wide-ranging academic departments.  They seek top scholars and student-athletes who are called to lead, to connect with teenagers, to help children.

In particular, the private/independent schools with which they work need strong foreign-language teachers.

Hiring requirements in private/independent schools are typically more flexible than at public schools.  For Spanish teaching jobs in particular, schools will hire Spanish majors (and even Spanish minors) if they have a) command of the spoken and written language (with acceptable accent and intonation), b) enthusiasm for leading extracurricular activities and/or coaching sports, and c) demonstrable aptitude for managing and motivating students.  Simply put, completing a teacher certification program or earning a degree in secondary education is not a hiring prerequisite for K-12 Spanish teachers in most private schools.

Teaching at private/independent schools means building close relationships in small classes, innovating and collaborating, inspiring discovery, focusing on learning—not on test taking.  School communities include dedicated faculty, supportive alumni, and devoted parents who invest time and tuition to prepare children for college and for lives of leadership and service to others.

STA can help you get these great Spanish teaching jobs

STA’s reputation is outstanding.  Schools in the South have hired more candidates from STA than from any other source.  Their trust in our expertise and integrity has sustained us since 1902.

STA’s reach is expansive.  While we are a regional company, we receive thousands of job listings from nearly 600 schools in 16 states, from the Middle Atlantic south to Florida and west to Texas.

STA’s staff is excellent.  Placement counselors provide personal attention in assembling credentials files, preparing for interviews, and discerning job opportunities.    

STA’s services are free to candidates.  Schools pay for our services—because they want the best.

Fellowship Opportunity for Graduating Romance Language Students

Match Education, a non-profit education foundation based in Boston, is seeking to recruit Villanova University students who speak a foreign language to tutor ELL students in Boston, MA. The Match Corps and Match Teacher Residency are one-year urban education fellowship programs that pair recent college graduates from top universities with a small caseload of Match students with whom they work in small groups or 1-on-1 tutorials, providing close academic support and building relationships to foster the success of Match students. For more information, check here.

Asunto: La Caixa ha convocado 25 becas para estudios de doctorado en universidades españolas

Estimado ex-becario:
En La Caixa  ha convocado 25 becas para estudios de doctorado en universidades españolas.

Pueden encontrar la información de las citadas ayudas en la pág. web  de La Caixa:

Les rogamos la difundan entre el profesorado de su Departamento. Así mismo, la información se encuentra en la página web de la UPV:

Amaia Sánchez Valle
Técnico de Gestión de Investigación

Vicerrectorado de Investigación / Ikerketa Errektoreordetza
(Dirección de Gestión de la Investigación / Ikerketaren Gestioko Zuzendaritza)

tfno:    94 601 52 91
     94 601 58 56

Bº Sarriena, s/n.
48940 Leioa



Barrio Sarriena,s/n | 48940 LEIOA
T.: +34 946013542 | F.: +34 946013060


Spanish Cultural Ambassador

In order to promote Spanish language and culture in institutions of higher learning of the US, the Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission Miami, with the support of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and EDUESPAÑA, has developed a program called "SiS Student Ambassadors." Click here for information regarding the Spanish Cultural Ambassador.

North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain

Click here to find out more about North American Language and Culture Assistants

Click here to find out more about North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain