Placement Test

Instructions for taking the test and the password can be found here.

The Foreign Language Requirement

Students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are required to take two (2) language courses at the intermediate level (1121 = Intermediate I; 1122 = Intermediate II) in order to fulfill the College's Core Curriculum language requirement. You do not necessarily have to continue the same language studied in high school in order to fulfill the language requirement.

Additional requirements for studying a foreign language can be found in the College of Liberal and Arts Sciences’The Enchiridion, The Arts & Sciences Student Handbook.


Placing into a Foreign Language at Villanova

1.) Continuing your Study of French, Italian, or Spanish at Villanova

The University requires all students who elect to continue the study of French, Italian or Spanish to take the placement test online by June 1. If you miss the deadline, please take the test even though it is late.

Important information about language placement at Villanova is available in our Frequently Asked Questions.

2) Studying a New Language at Villanova

If you would like to study a new language other than the language you studied in high school, please be certain to indicate your choice of a *new* language in your registration in myNova. If you indicate that you would like to study a language which you did NOT study in high school, the Office of the Registrar will automatically enroll you into the first semester, introductory course of the new language (1111 = Introductory I).

NOTE: If you decide to study a new language, you are required to complete two (2) semesters of the language at the introductory level AND also complete two (2) semesters at the intermediate level in order to fulfill the language requirement.