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About the Department

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures is dedicated to the study of FrenchItalianand Spanish. Students learn anyone of these languages while acquiring cultural and historical literacy.


Is it just language? 

Our programs have cultural and literary components. Languages are filters through which we see and absorb cultures in their authenticity.

Why is the study of literature important in today’s world?
In the globalized world employers look for cultural literacy, intercultural understanding, creative thinking, the ability to reason and communicate effectively. Abstract thinking is developed by reading, discussing and analyzing literary works within their historical context.  Cultural literacy can be strengthened by spending a semester or a summer in some of our unique Programs Abroad

What can you do with a B.A. in French/Francophone Studies, Italian or Spanish?
You can start a rewarding career in many fields, such as teaching, diplomacy, medicine, global business, education, translation and interpretation, NGO’s, outreach organizations.

Double major? Yes!
If you couple your language degree with another one in any discipline of humanities, social sciences, the health profession, or business your chances of getting a great job multiply. Language skills and cultural literacy are precious assets in any profession.   

* The power of the bilingual brain - Times article.pdf
Article: The Power of the Bilingual Brain
top 3 reasons to learn a new lanuage infographic

Department of Romance Languages & Literatures

St. Augustine Center, 303
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