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Minor in Spanish

Four courses above the Intermediate (1122) level

  • Of the four required courses, one course must be at the 3000 level and taken at Villanova, or at a Villanova study abroad program in Cadiz, Spain or Valparaiso, Chile.
  • Courses in English do not count for the minor.

Once a sequence of courses has begun, a student may not revert to a lower-level course.


Semester Program Abroad

Spanish minors are strongly encouraged to participate in the Semester Program and Summer Program at the University of Cádiz, Spain. Please check the Guidelines for Programs Abroad in the Department and consult with our Programs Abroad Advisor:  Dr. Mercedes Juliá.


We encourage students to obtain a minor in Spanish if their schedule does not permit them to do a major. In order to do so, students may come to the Department main office, located in SAC 303 and fill out a form.  At the time of graduation and upon completion of the minor requirements, students will be issued a Minor certificate and the minor will appear on their transcript.

If you think of applying for the Minor in Spanish, consider this: You might be able to do a double major, it is not difficult!

Major vs. Minor

  • With our online courses offered in the Summer and our study abroad programs it is quite possible that you would be able to take 4 more courses in Spanish and complete the major.
  • A minor is not nearly as well considered by employers and graduate programs as a major is, because it does not guaranty your fluency in the language, but a major does.
  • With the major you will receive and ACTFL certificate (a diploma by American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Language) that you have a certain level of language skill.
  • With a major you will be assigned an adviser (if you do a double major, you will have an advisor for every major)
  • A major is a specialty not only in a language but also assures your future employer or graduate program committee that you have what they call a “cultural literacy” or “intercultural communication ability” that is increasingly important in the globalized world.
  • Creative thinking and good writing skills are also important assets which you will have after completing a SPA major.
  • With the increasing number of Spanish speakers in the country (currently 17%, by 2060 it will be 1/3rd of the US population!) this language will be crucial for obtaining a job (it will make the difference between you and the non-Spanish speaking candidate).
  • Villanova University has an accelerated BA/MA program in Spanish, which allows you to “double dip” 3 courses and thus have an MA degree in one more year.

If you need more information or have a question, please contact Dr. Mercedes Juliá.

If you wish to add or remove a CLAS major, minor or concentration please use the application links below or go to MY NOVA and search OUS Forms and send them to OUS in SAC 107.