Department Guidelines for Study Abroad

If you wish to obtain Villanova credits for courses taken abroad in French and Francophone, Italian, or Spanish studies you need to adhere to the following guidelines.  

FFS / ITA / SPA / RLL Credits

Only courses in language, linguistics, literature, and cultural studies of the areas in question will qualify for credit in the Department of Romance Languages.

Requests for credit in other disciplines, even if the course is taught in the target language, should be brought directly to the department that offers those courses at Villanova. For example, a course in Medieval History taught in French, Italian or Spanish, may qualify for a History course in the History Department, provided the department gives its prior approval.

You may obtain RLL 1000 elective credits for courses in languages not offered by our Department, or courses in FFS/ITA/SPA in areas where the target language is not the main language spoken. (For example, a Spanish course taken in London, or Barcelona).

Study Abroad Programs for FFS, or ITA, or SPA Majors and Minors:

Credits will be obtained only when students enroll in programs approved previously by the advisors of the respective programs in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Students are encouraged to participate in the Department’s own programs of study, or programs that the Department has previously selected and approved.

Programs approved by the RLL Department satisfy the following criteria:

  • The language for which credit is requested is the main language spoken at the program site and therefore a student is immersed in the language and is surrounded by its culture. 
  • The student’s primary residence (not including program-related excursions) is a host family, or an integrative dormitory where most residents are native speakers of the target language.
  • The program:
    • is affiliated with and managed by a well-established university and has a long-standing tradition and reputation for academic excellence.
    • offers a variety of courses from which majors can choose.
    • offers a hybrid curriculum (students take a combination of courses designed for foreigners and direct-enrollment courses at the university).
    • regularly organizes academically relevant cultural activities


When you wish to spend a semester abroad, schedule an appointment with the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) and attend the information session and fill the appropriate forms online. Afterwards, schedule a meeting with the faculty member in charge of study abroad in the RLL Department to be advised on the appropriate programs and the courses in question. SPA: Dr. Carmen Peraita, FFS: Prof. François Massonnat; ITA: Dr. Luca Cottini.

To this initial meeting, you need to bring:

  • A CAPP report 
  • A list of the courses to be taken abroad.
  • Detailed description and syllabi of courses to be taken abroad

Once transferrable courses are selected and approved, the approval form is signed. You may need to get approval from other Departments.

Once all of the When all the courses on your list are approved, you need to take the form to the Office of Education Abroad, where you receive assistance regarding the remaining details of the study abroad experience, including (but not limited to): visa requirements, travel insurance, etc.

In addition to programs created by Villanova and the RLL Department, students may opt for another program, which have also been approved by RLL Faculty, such as:  

  • The University of Valencia Program (through the University of Virginia).
  • The programs with Butler University in Argentina, Peru and Chile, for those students wishing to spend a semester in South America.
  • The Program with the University of Montpellier, and the Program with the University of Aix-en-Provence, for French and Francophone Studies.

Approved by the Faculty of the Romance Languages Department 
on October 31, 2012, revised in November 2016