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Film Series

The Spanish Film Series started during the Fall 2005. Since then, the Spanish Division has been offering approximately four titles each semester. We always attempt to keep a balance between recent productions and films from the past that become more and more significant with time.

The Series tries film productions from different Spanish speaking countries. Even when we cannot avoid presenting more films from the major producing countries (Spain, Mexico, and Argentina) we are always looking for quality titles from other countries that are hard to find or were overlooked by distributors.

Our extracurricular activity attracts students and faculty related with the study of Spanish, but also an important number of people come to enjoy good quality films the way it should be: on a big screen, in a dark room and surrounded by a responsive audience.

All Films are shown in Spanish with English subtitles.

Stay alert for postings and don't miss an opportunity to get acquainted with a highly creative and dynamic portion of world cinema!

For more information, please contact the coordinator of the Film Series, Dr. Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez: