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Spanish Studies


The division of Spanish Studies offers a major and a minor in Spanish.

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The Value of Knowing Spanish

Spanish is the language that the majority of students in the United States (and in Villanova) chooses to study at the present time for very good reasons:  It is the second major language spoken in the world (after Mandarin)*  and it is the second language spoken in the United States. Therefore it will be very useful and advantageous to know Spanish in any career path that students may choose.Approximately 800 students take Spanish undergraduate courses every semester at Villanova. Students are encouraged to spend summers and semesters abroad in Spain and Central and South America, to obtain a greater proficiency in the language.


The influence of Spanish crosses centuries as well as geographic boundaries. It is a dynamic and exciting language used in diverse parts of the world, such as: Central, South, North America, the Caribbean and Spain.  Spanish and its different cultures are taught at Villanova in interdisciplinary courses, in the Liberal Arts Program, Cultural Studies program, and in courses that were designed in response to these developments. The classes provide students with a thorough grounding in the history, politics, cultural production (literatures, film, theater), sociolinguistics, post-colonial experiences, and development of the Hispanic world.

* PrimeroHayQueAprenderEspanol.RanhouZaiXueZhongwen.-NYTimes.pdf
Please read more about the value of knowing Spanish: NY Times Article "Primero Hay Que Aprender Español. Ranhou Zai Xue Zhongwen." By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: December 29, 2010

Learning Spanish at Villanova

Do You Know?

Do you know that approximately 500 million people speak Spanish all over the world?


For careers in government, health care, education, art and for travel, knowing Spanish is a great advantage. The number of students who choose to study Spanish beyond the requirement has grown dramatically in the last decade.

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