Major and Minor

French and Francophone Studies (FFS) offers both a major and minor as listed below.

31 FFS credits above the Intermediate level

The required courses are: 

  • FFS 1138 Advanced Grammar OR FFS 1140 Writing and Stylistics
  • FFS 2220 Literature and Culture of France OR FFS 2221 Literature and Culture of the Francophone World
  • FFS 3971 Directed Research in FFS (1 credit)
  • One RLL Course (taught in English) with FFS attribute may count for the major

Minor Requirements

4 FFS courses above the Intermediate level

Required courses are:

  • FFS 1131 Conversation and Composition I
  • FFS 1132 Conversation and Composition II
  • Two Electives
  • No course in English may count for the minor

Additional Notes

Once a sequence of language courses has begun, a student may not revert to a lower-level course. Students may obtain up to six credits through the Villanova summer or 9 credits in a semester program abroad in France.

Courses in English may not be transferred for the major from study abroad programs

The RLL Department will facilitate an ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Certificate to all language majors during their senior year. 

Contact person Dr. Maria Gladys Vallières


Samples of Double Majors in French and Other Disciplines: