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Research Facilities

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has created and maintains a number of specialized research facilities that provide support for the educational and scholarly pursuits of our faculty and students. In addition, our science departments maintain a complement of instruments needed to support research and instruction in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Science.

Imaging Center 

The College maintains a state-of-the-art microscopy facility to support research and instruction. Instruments in this facility include a Hitachi H-7600 Transmission Electron Microscope, a Hitachi S-3000N Scanning Electron Microscope,  and a Leica TCS SP8 Four Channel Confocal Microscope

Immersive Visualization CAVE

The Center of Excellence in Enterprise Technology manages a large CAVE housed in Falvey Memorial Hall in Falvey Library.  It is a four-sided CAVE that can accommodate up to 20 viewers in its 18'-wide, 10'-deep, 7.5'-high enclosure, with an extendable projected ceiling. It provides viewers with an immersive visualization experience for viewing and interacting with 3D virtual-reality worlds, 3D big-data displays, and 3D models of real-world locations and objects.

Research Instrumentation in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department houses a wide variety of instrumentation to support research and instruction, including two Varian 300 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers, Applied Biosystems triple quadrupole and ion trap mass spectrometers, and a Bruker single crystal x-ray diffractometer.

Research Instrumentation in Biology

The Biology Department maintains an array of instrumentation to support their research and instructional activities. Instrumentation includes an Illumina next generation DNA sequencer, two flow cytometers, and several fluorescence microscopes.

Research Instrumentation in Physics

The Physics Department includes among their research instrumentation a Mossbauer spectrometer and a powder x-ray diffractometer.