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Required Courses

Beginning in Fall 2017, MPA students must take the following 6 required courses  (18 credits):


  • MPA 8011, Public Administration Theory: Tension between bureaucracy-democracy; theories about the nature and development of public administration in the United States.
  • MPA 8021 Leadership Ethics: Examines assumptions implicit in various organizational designs and highlights the importance of fidelity to value- based decision-making.
  • MPA 8031, Financial Management:The study of financial management of government and non- profit organizations that will provide skills for evaluating alternative courses of action in financial decision making. Topics include the budgetary process, revenue policy, financial controls, debt management, and capital budgeting.
  • MPA 8041, Human Capital Management: Public versus private personnel management; also topics such as recruitment, selection, training, career management, performance assessment, grievances and appeals.
  • MPA 8051 Applied Data Analysis: Introduction to applied research methods for the public and nonprofit sectors. Exposure to and utilization of data gathered from a variety of research sources with attention paid to determining the value of such research for public administration. 
  • MPA 8061, Organization Theory:The study of the similarities and differences in various formal and complex organizations, the structures and dynamics of these organizations, and the theories applicable to such organizations.


All Current Students (Entered the Program prior to Fall 2017) will not be required to take MPA 8300 Leadership Ethics as one of their required courses. If a current student has completed MPA 8005 and MPA 8006, as well as MPA 8001, MPA 8002, MPA 8003, and MPA 8004, then the student has satisfied the core requirements.  

If a current student has not yet taken either MPA 8005 or MPA 8006, the student will need to take MPA 8051 Applied Data Analysis.  The student will only need to take five required courses – MPA 8001, MPA 8002, MPA 8003, MPA 8004, and MPA 8051 and seven elective courses.  


These curriculum changes are only effective for the on-campus MPA program at this time.