Goals of Psi Chi

Psi Chi serves two major goals. The first of these is the Society's obligation to provide academic recognition to its inductees by the mere fact of membership. The second goal is the obligation of each of the Society's local chapters to nurture academic achievement. For example, the chapters make active attempts to nourish and stimulate professional growth through programs designed to augment and enhance the regular curriculum and to provide practical experience and fellowship through affiliation with the chapter.

In addition, the national organization provides programs to help achieve these goals, including national and regional conventions held annually in conjunction with the psychological associations, research award competitions, and certificate recognition programs. Also, the Society publishes a quarterly Psi Chi Newsletter which helps to unite and inform the members and to recognize their contributions and accomplishments.

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These sections adapted with permission from the 1995-1996 Psi Chi Chapter Handbook

2018-19 Officers of VU Chapter

President - Olivia Best
Vice-President - Chenle Xiu
Secretary - Emily Albertson
Treasurer - Samantha Dashineau
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Patrick Markey