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Student Honors

She will be conducting research at McGill University in Montreal, working with Dr. Rosemary Bagot.  Congratulations, Shama!! See the press release.

Aidan’s thesis used a relatively novel cognitive approach to investigate how semantic memory organization may be associated with repetitive negative thinking, or the perseverative, unproductive pattern of thought that is most commonly observed in individuals with depression and anxiety. His results suggest that this repetitive negative thinking may be understood in terms of biases in one’s semantic network and assessed without self-report.

Congratulations, Aidan!

We would like to congratulate Trudy Ann Williamson on her selection as runner-up CLAS student speaker for the Class of 2020!

The PBS Department is excited to announce the following students who are participating in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program:
  • Michael Ryan Henderson, Psychology major, Honorable Mention
  • Gianna Perez (class of 2019), CBN major, Honorable Mention