Mission Statement

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences of Villanova University represents the basic and applied science of psychology within the University community.  The Department promotes the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about behavior and mental processes and encourages application of this knowledge to improve the condition of individuals and society.

The Department is committed to offering strong undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students to be constructive members of society by providing them with a solid foundation in the psychological principles that underlie thought, emotion, and behavior.  At the undergraduate level, the psychology program seeks to foster two complementary objectives.  As a strong Liberal Arts and Sciences major within the College, the psychology program prepares students  for a range of post-baccalaureate careers through its emphasis on critical thinking skills that incorporate evidence-based decision making, reasonable skepticism toward theories or claims regarding behavior, and respect for human dignity and diversity.  At the same time, the undergraduate psychology program also offers solid preparation for subsequent graduate study in psychology and related fields through its advocacy of a strong foundation in current principles and methods of psychological science and its promotion of an awareness of ethical issues in the science and practice of psychology.  At the graduate level, the psychology program provides excellent preparation for further graduate study in the field through a rigorous, research-based course of study.

The Department firmly believes in the mutually supportive relationship between teaching and research.  It encourages and supports high-quality scientific research and scholarship that advance knowledge, understanding, and application of psychological principles.