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Why Villanova Psychology?

Prepare for a Ph.D. Program in Psychology

The Villanova M.S. degree is particularly well-suited to provide a strong foundation for individuals seeking entry into Ph.D. programs in most subfields of psychology. It also serves the needs of students who want to continue their education but who are unsure of their future professional goals as well as students who want a more gradual transition between their undergraduate and eventual Ph.D. level work. The program enjoys a strong national reputation, contributing to the success of a large proportion of our graduates in gaining admission to top Ph.D. programs in psychology (e.g., Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UC-Berkeley, UC-San Diego, U. Colorado, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Penn State, U. of Pennsylvania, U. of Wisconsin, and many others).

Acquire Marketable Skills

Students who decide not to pursue doctoral training upon completion of their M.S. degrees find employment in the private sector in a variety of capacities (e.g., science writers, lab technicians, data analysts, market researchers, etc.). The program is not specifically designed to provide terminal training for mental health professionals. Our M.S. students who are interested in clinical or counseling psychology typically continue on to doctoral level work following graduation from our program. 

Outstanding Faculty and Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences faculty has maintained a consistently strong record for productivity and scholarly research. Active research labs do cutting edge work in a broad variety of subfields in Psychology (e.g., Animal Learning, Attention, Decision Making, Cognition, Developmental, Human Factors, Memory, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Organizational, Perception, Personality and Personality Assessment, and Social Psychology). Very importantly, graduate students frequently co-author the research published by their mentors, thereby enhancing the graduate education and preparation for a top-quality doctoral program. In a study published in Professional Psychology Research and Practice (Vol. 21, pp. 33-36), Villanova’s Master’s program in Psychology was ranked among the top 10 Master’s-only departments (95th percentile) in the USA and Canada with regard to research productivity. A number of our faculty hold or have held research grants from various government agencies (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, NASA). Similarly, a number of our faculty serve or have served in important editorial positions (e.g., Associate Editor, Consulting Editor) for top journals in the field. 


Villanova is situated on Philadelphia’s historic Main Line, in a beautiful suburban setting. It is located only 30 minutes from center-city Philadelphia, with its many historical, cultural, and recreational opportunities. The campus is served by three forms of mass transportation (train, high-speed trolley, and bus) and is about a quarter of a mile from the nearest point of access to I-476 and the Philadelphia region’s expressway system.

Geographically Diverse Graduate Student Body

Applications to Villanova’s M.S. program in Psychology come from all over the country. Although about 25% of a typical graduating class comes from the Philadelphia area, the majority of our students come from out of state, and a large proportion are from outside of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Financial Aid Possibilities

Assistantships and tuition scholarships are available to qualified students.