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Student Experiences in the Program


 Shaina Garrison

After graduating from Washington College in Chestertown, MD with a BS in Psychology, I knew that pursuing an MS in Psychology at Villanova would be the best way for me to gain more research experience and strengthen my knowledge of the field of psychology before applying to doctoral programs.  I was honored to receive a full assistantship from Villanova, which has provided me with the opportunity to develop close professional relationships with faculty members and conduct exciting research in our labs.  I have also benefited from opportunities to apply for grants and fellowships to support my research and conference travel.  While broadening my knowledge about the field of psychology in class, I have also been able to focus my interests while conducting my thesis research on changes in memory that accompany healthy aging.  Additionally, I have been able to develop my leadership skills as one of the presidents of the Villanova chapter of Psi Chi, the psychology honors society.  This program has not only helped me to formulate my goals, but it has also provided me with the experience, tools, and confidence to enable me to achieve them.


Marie Saxon

I am a first-year graduate student in the Experimental Psychology M.S. Program at Villanova. My interests in the field changed during the end of my undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University, consequently I came to Villanova to gain more experience in the area of animal cognition. I currently am a member of the Comparative Cognition Laboratory working with both bees and rats. The M.S. Psychology Program at Villanova allowed me to further explore my interests and be more prepared for a Ph.D. program in the future. 


Leeland Rogers

As part of the entering class of ‘12, I am beginning my second year of graduate studies at Villanova University. I am primarily involved in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Lab, where I am working on my thesis under the guidance of Dr. Irene Kan. While collaborating with other students, my aim is to explore the temporal underpinnings of neuropsychological phenomena through the use of electroencephalography (EEG). In addition, I am involved in the Adult Visual Cognition Laboratory which is led by Dr. Charles Folk. After obtaining my masters I hope to move on to complete a Ph.D. Eventually, I would like to hold a professorial position at a university where I am able to continue a career in research


Brittany Jakubiak

I am a recent graduate of the M.S. in psychology program at Villanova University. I entered the program with a bachelor’s in psychology from Loyola University Maryland. At Villanova, I was able to gain research experience through my involvement in a thesis project, an independent study, and various psychology labs. The faculty and staff in the psychology department provide a supportive environment where they demonstrate that they value graduate students and are dedicated to their training. I am currently working toward a Ph.D. in social psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and studying interpersonal processes in romantic relationships.