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Master's Program

The two-year curriculum in the Master of Science degree program is designed to provide excellent training in research skills. Students gain expertise in the formulation of research designs and in the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of data. Laboratory courses in cognitive psychology, statistics, and biological psychology are complemented by a rich array of electives in various other subfields of Psychology.

In addition, students may elect to take a graduate course in a department other than psychology to round out their area of special interest. Biology, chemistry, computer science, human organization science, and statistics have been of particular interest in this regard. Students are required to complete a total of eight courses, including statistics and at least two laboratory courses and to conduct an original piece of research under faculty supervision in the form of a thesis.

The elective courses are designed to allow students the flexibility to tailor the program to their particular goals. The master's thesis is required, and additional independent research is strongly encouraged. There is no comprehensive examination or foreign language requirement.

The M.S. degree can also be earned as part of a 5-year combined Bachelor's-Master's Program.  Click here for more information.

Interested applicants are encouraged to review additional program information and application prerequisites here.  You are also encouraged to review the FAQ page before you begin your application process.

The FAQ page currently lives here.