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Five-Year B.A./M.S. in Human Resource Development

This five-year program has an applied focus, combining a B.A. in psychology with an M.S. in Human Resource Development (HRD). This program specifically prepares students to enter the work force as human resource professionals by providing a comprehensive background in the basic human resource competencies with emphasis on global, strategic, and developmental issues. In this program, students take graduate and well as undergraduate courses during their senior year. Several of the graduate courses count for both graduate and undergraduate credit, allowing the master’s degree to be obtained in only one additional year.

B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in HRD

B.A./M.S Program Requirements

Applicants to the program should have the following:

  • Villanova psychology major with junior status
  • a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • a GPA in the psychology major of at least 3.2
  • completed or be enrolled in at least 6 psychology courses which must included:
    • PSY 4000 - Intro Statistics
    • PSY 4050 - Research Methods in Psy
    • PSY 2700 - Industrial/Organizationl Psy or PSY 2800 - Human Factors
    • PSY 4200 - Biopsychology or PSY 4500 - Cognitive Psychology

For additional admissions requirements contact the HRD Program (610-519-4582)

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: March 15th

To apply to the B.A./M.S. program, submit the following to the HRD Program

(St. Mary's Hall, Room 119;  Phone: 610-519-4582)

  • The completed graduate application.
  • Official transcripts documenting your courses.
  • A personal statement (2 pages max) describing your career goals and reasons for pursuing a master's degree.
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty assessing your potential for success in the B.A./M.S. program. Letter forms may be obtained from the application to graduate studies.
  • The GRE is waived for the B.A./M.S. program, but students' SAT scores will be assessed by the admissions committee.

Please note: Acceptance into the BA/MS track is not automatic.  The program is limited to a maximum of five students each year.