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Minor Requirements

Student Outside SAC

To receive a minor in Political Science, you are required to complete 18 credit hours or six political science (PSC) courses, as follows:

At least two foundational courses (6 credits).  Foundational courses correspond to the four major subfields in political science:

o   American Government (PSC 1100)

o   International Relations (PSC 1200)

o   Comparative Politics (PSC 1300)

o   Political Theory (PSC 1400)

Four focal or specialized courses in any combination (12 credits).  Focal courses are upper division courses essential to understanding core material in each subfield.  Foundational courses within subfields are prerequisites for focal courses.  Specialized courses are advanced and narrowly focused topical or thematic courses in each subfield.  Specialized courses do not have prerequisites.

Students completing the minor are encouraged to focus on one or two subfields, although you are not required to do so.

Internship credit will not be applied to the Political Science minor.