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Political Science is a 33-credit major encompassing foundational, focal, and specialized courses and a research and capstone seminar covering four subfields: American Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics and Political Theory. 

Course numbers help you identify the course category and subfield. 

  • The first digit identifies the course category:

o   Foundational courses begin with a 1

o   Focal courses begin with a 2

o   Specialized courses begin with a 3

o   Topics courses (nonpermanent specialized courses) begin with a 4

o   Independent study courses begin with a 5

o   Senior seminars, off-campus programs, and internships begin with a 6

o   Graduate courses begin with a 7, 8 or 9

  • The second digit identifies the course subfield:

o   The second digit of American Government courses is a 1

o   The second digit of International Relations courses is a 2

o   The second digit of Comparative Politics courses is a 3

o   The second digit of Political Theory courses is a 4

o   The second digit of research and senior seminars is a 9

For an explanation of foundational, focal and specialized courses, see Major Requirements.  For course descriptions, see Courses

Foundational Courses

            PSC 1100       American Government

            PSC 1200       International Relations

            PSC 1300       Comparative Politics

            PSC 1400       Political Theory

            PSC 1900       Research Seminar

Focal Courses

            American Government

            PSC 2110       U.S. State and Local Government

            PSC 2120       U.S. Congress

  PSC 2125       U.S. Presidency

  PSC 2130       U.S. Judiciary

  PSC 2140       U.S. Constitutional Law I: Powers and Structures

  PSC 2145       U.S. Constitutional Law II: Rights and Liberties

  PSC 2150       U.S. National Parties and Elections

  PSC 2180       U.S. National Security Policy

  PSC 2190       U.S. Public Opinion and Political Behavior

  International Relations

            PSC 2210       Globalization

            PSC 2220       International Law

  PSC 2230       International Organization

  PSC 2240       International Political Economy

  PSC 2260       War and Conflict

  Comparative Politics

            PSC 2310       Nationalism

            PSC 2320       Russian Politics

  PSC 2330       East Asian Politics

  PSC 2340       Politics of the Arab World

  PSC 2350       African Politics

            PSC 2360       Latin American Politics

            PSC 2370       Third World Politics

  PSC 2380       European Politics

  PSC 2390       Indian and South Asian Politics

  Political Theory

            PSC 2410       Early Political Theories

            PSC 2420       Modern Political Theories

Specialized Courses

            American Government

            PSC 3110       Politics of Immigration in the U.S.

            PSC 3120       Political Communication in the U.S.

  PSC 3130       Women and Politics in the U.S.

  PSC 3140       Race, Ethnicity, and Politics in the U.S.

  PSC 3150       Political Psychology

            International Relations

            PSC 3210       American Foreign Policy

            PSC 3220       Middle East International Relations

  PSC 3230       Development and Aid

  PSC 3240       East Asia Political Economy

  PSC 3250       Genocide and Mass Killing

            Political Theory

            PSC 3410       Theories of War and Peace

            PSC 3420       American Political Thought

  PSC 3440       Politics and Religion

Topics Courses

  PSC 4175       Topics in American Government and Politics

  PSC 4275       Topics in International Relations

  PSC 4375       Topics in Comparative Politics

  PSC 4475       Topics in Political Theory

Independent Study Courses

  PSC 5110       Independent Study in American Government and Politics

  PSC 5210       Independent Study in International Relations

  PSC 5310       Independent Study in Comparative Politics

  PSC 5410       Independent Study in Political Theory

Off-campus Study Programs

  PSC 6160       Washington Minimester

Internship Courses

  PSC 6503       Internship Elective (3 credits)

Senior Seminars

  PSC 6900       Senior Seminars