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Study Abroad


Imagine studying political philosophy in the land of Machiavelli, Irish politics in Galway, or European politics in the heart of Western Europe.  Study abroad makes this possible.  Each semester, political science majors fan out around the globe to study at leading universities in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. 

To begin planning your semester abroad, contact the Office of Education Abroad for relevant deadlines and application materials.  A typical semester abroad consists of 12 credits of coursework in political science and other fields.  You will receive full academic credit at Villanova for your studies abroad as you enjoy an experience you will never forget and perhaps discover a career path you never anticipated.

Prague Summer Program in Politics, Culture and Literature


The Prague Summer Program in Politics, Culture and Literature is a six-week, six-credit program offering the opportunity to study with Villanova faculty in the Czech Republic.  You will live and study in the heart of Prague as you take two Villanova courses: a political science course on communism and post-communism and an English course on politics and literature of the Czech Republic.


ESPOL Program at the Catholic University of Lille, France

The Villanova Political Science Department supports a student exchange with the Catholic University of Lille, France. Spend a semester in Lille and earn a total of 15 Villanova credits. Lille is an attractive and vibrant city with an overall student population of more than 100,000, nearly half the city population in a region with over 2 million inhabitants. Famous throughout France and Europe for its warm and friendly atmosphere, Lille is alive with cafés, clubs and restaurants. Details are available through the Office of Education Abroad.