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For Life Long Learners

The Political Science program attracts and welcomes life long learners who may select from our wide range of courses in American government, political philosophy, area studies and international relations. Life long learners may be seeking to build knowledge and skills which relates to their career or they might simply be interested in enhancing their understanding of the political environment.   For qualified students with an existing bachelors or masters degree, Villanova's Political Science Department offers a challenging learning environment focused on small class discussions, reading thought provoking books, or writing in depth research papers.  Villanova courses are offered on campus and some are available on-line. 


Villanova recognizes that you might no be ready to enroll in a full Masters’ program. It therefore offers a number of scaleable alternative enrollment options: 

- You can apply as a non-matriculated student to try out our program. Under this status, you may take any two of our classes. 

- You can apply for a five course certificate program in American Government or International Relations

- You can enroll on a part-time basis taking only one course per semester.

If you perform well in either as non-matriculated or Certificate program, you then can apply for M.A. program and have your already completed courses counted towards the degree. If you wish to apply to be a non-matriculated student or for the Certificate, please contact Katelyn Schneider.  Once you have received a response to your e-mail, you can get to the Non-Matriculated Application or Certificate Application.

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