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For Teachers

You can receive a 20% tuition reduction if you teach in a public or private school, or a 40% reduction if you teach at a Catholic school. For information on how to apply for the tuition reduction, please click here.

The Department of Political Science has been welcoming teachers of social studies and government into its graduate programs for several decades.

We offer a wide range of innovative courses on topics that range from contemporary American election campaigns to Middle Eastern politics and international humanitarian organizations. Our courses achieve a sound balance between a substantive focus that will deepen your factual knowledge of domestic and international politics, and a theoretical orientation that will sharpen your analytical skills as well help you better understand current political controversies.

Our program offers the flexibility that you need as a teacher.  You may pursue the full Masters degree, requiring ten courses, or elect to complete a Graduate Certificate in American or International Politics, requiring only five courses. If you wish, you may pursue the program part-time on a schedule that is convenient for you, with up to six years to complete the requirements.  All of our two-hour seminar classes are held in the evening, at 5:20 or 7:30 p.m., to accommodate your work schedule. You will also find ample opportunities to complete coursework during the summer months.  

If you are a certified teacher, our graduate courses also help you to meet the requirements of Act 48 and to achieve the official designation of “Highly Qualified Teacher.”  

If you prefer an additional pedagogical emphasis, we invite you to pursue the teaching track within our program.  This track permits you to do the following:

(1)  Take two graduate courses in the Education Department as part of your M.A. studies in Political Science.

(2)  Develop your thesis or field examination topic in line with your pedagogical interests.

(3) Combine the MA degree in Political Science with a Graduate Certificate in Education.

If you have questions, or would like to talk to a teacher who is currently in the program or has recently completed it, please contact the Graduate Director, Professor Markus Kreuzer.


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