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Master's in Political Science

The Master's program in political science offers a wide range of courses in American government, international relations, comparative politics and political philosophy. The courses permit students to explore the key issues in contemporary domestic and international politics from both a substantive/policy perspective as well as a scholarly/theoretical perspective. Our program is ideal for students considering Ph.D. programs, preparing for law school, or interested in careers in applied fields such a government service, journalist, non-profit sector, foreign service or secondary education.

Our faculty is committed to our students' development throughout their course of study. Students will find our diverse faculty offer a variety of philosophical, pedagogical and theoretical approaches to politics and boast a wide range of scholarly interests.

All courses are small, discussion based seminars with average enrollment of 15 students. Courses are exclusively offered at night and during the summer.

Master's Certificate in Political Science

Students who are not planning to enroll in the regular M.A. program can apply for a Graduate Certificate in either American Government or International Relations and Comparative Politics

Master's Research Track in Political  Science

Students interested in going on to a Ph.D. program have the option of selecting courses from our research track. The center piece of the research track is a six credit M.A. thesis. Students planning to write a thesis have to enroll in the fall semester of their second year in a research pro-seminar. The seminar discusses strategies for "discovering" interesting topics within the students area of interest, introduces students to useful research skills and tools and tries to develop an esprit the corps among students. The students will leave the seminar with a well developed thesis proposal. This proposal will guide the student's subsequent research and thesis writing that will be supervised by individual faculty members. Students interested in advanced quantitative methodologies can enroll in courses offered either in the statistics or MPA program

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