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Certificate in Non-Profit Management

Many of our students start out program exploring the different subfields or possible professional directions. The joint certificates offered with various departments permit our students to combine their substantive interests in politics with training in other disciplines to enhance their employment prospects.  

The joint certificates require taking fifteen credits from a list of courses approved by the political science department and the department issuing the certificate.

In order to complete their graduate degree, students enhancing their studies through a joint certificate are required to enroll in an additional six credits for a total of 36 credits for the graduate degree.

Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management was designed based on best practices in nonprofit education as well as through consultations with students, alumni, and nonprofit professionals and is a 15-credit (5 courses) program.

Required courses (3 courses):

·         MPA 8003 - Financial Management

·         MPA 8600 - Effective Non-Profit Management

·         MPA 8700 - Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

Elective courses (2 courses): Students choose six credits of electives from the following courses:

·         MPA 8550 - Urban Politics and Government

·         MPA 8800: Managing Public Networks

·         MPA 8900:  Public Policy

·         PSC 8700: Globalization

·         PSC 8775: Global Inequality





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