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Certificate in Applied Statistics

Certificate in Applied Statistics

The Graduate Program in Political Science and the Graduate Program in Applied Statistics offer a combined MA in Political Science with a Certificate in Applied Statistics.

This combined program provides a unique opportunity to graduate students in Political Science who are interested in enhancing their quantitative methodological skills.  The combined Master’s/Certificate in Applied Statistics requires students to take 36 credits (instead of the 30 required for the Master’s in Political Science degree alone).

The joint certificate requires taking fifteen credits from a list of courses listed below or courses approved by the Director of the Statistics program. In order to complete their graduate degree, students enhancing their studies through a joint certificate are required to enroll in an additional six credits for a total of 36 credits for the graduate degree.

Certificate in Applied Statistics.

The specific learning objectives for the Certificate in Applied Statistics are:

·   Develop testable hypothesis from theories.

·   Evaluate the theoretical implications of test results.

·   Learn how and when to apply standard statistical methods such as hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, linear regression, and logistic regression.

·   Learn more advanced statistical methods in elective courses such as Sampling Methods, Time Series Methods, Bayesian Statistics, and Data Mining.

Admission and Completion Requirements

Applicants must be evaluated and accepted by both the Political Science Department for its Master’s program and the Certificate in Applied Statistics program for the relevant Certificate program.  Students also should have completed undergraduate mathematics courses that are required for the Masters in Applied Statistics program. These include: calculus through multivariate calculus (typically Calculus III) and linear algebra.

Required Courses           (9 credits)

·         MAT 7404, Statistical Methods

·         MAT 8406, Regression Methods

·         PSC 7000 Research Concepts and Approaches

Elective Courses:

·         Two electives from the MS in Applied Statistics program.  Courses that can be used as electives include Statistical Theory I and II, Statistical Programming, Linear Models, Sampling Methods, Design of Experiments, Time Series Methods, Nonparametric Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, and Data Mining

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