Mission Statement

In the context of the liberal arts tradition, the Department of Political Science seeks to encourage in its students a commitment to intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and responsible civic engagement.  The Department is committed to offer undergraduate and graduate education in American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory (a) to help students improve their skills of observation, critical reading, rigorous thought, careful evidence-based argumentation, and effective communication, and (b) to develop values of good citizenship. At the same time, the Department seeks to help its faculty develop as outstanding teacher-scholars pursuing truth through research and critical reflection.


American Government

  • National Institutions (Congress, Presidency, Judiciary)
  • State and Local Government
  • Constitutional Law
  • Political Parties and Elections
  • National Security Policy
  • Public Opinion and Political Behavior
  • Women and Politics
  • Race, Ethnicity and Politics
  • Political Communication
  • Immigration Politics
  • Political Psychology

International Relations

  • Globalization
  • International Law
  • International Organization
  • International Political Economy
  • War and Conflict
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Middle East International Relations
  • Development and Aid
  • East Asia Political Economy
  • Genocide and Mass Killing

Comparative Politics

  • Nationalism
  • Russian Politics
  • East Asian Politics
  • Politics of the Arab World
  • African Politics
  • Latin American Politics
  • Third World Politics
  • European Politics
  • Indian and South Asian Politics

Political Theory

  • Early Political Theories
  • Modern Political Theories
  • Theories of War and Peace
  • American Political Thought
  • Politics and Religion