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Today, no less than in the past, it is essential for citizens in a democracy to be educated about the political system in which they live and to know how that system relates to other governments and international issues.  The study of political science will educate you about timely and important political issues on a national and global scale while helping you develop a set of analytical, reasoning and research skills to last a lifetime.

What a Political Science Major Will Do

As a political science major, you will

  • Learn about American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory
  • Become familiar with the methodology of social science inquiry and learn how to conduct research
  • Build competence in oral and written expression
  • Develop reasoning and analytical skills
  • Become a politically engaged citizen-leader
  • Prepare for any number of exciting and interesting careers 
  • Prepare for graduate or professional training 

What a Political Science Major Will Learn

As a political science major, you will learn how

  • Political leaders operate
  • Governments make decisions
  • Politics shapes public policy
  • Governments respond to internal and international conflicts
  • People develop political attitudes and preferences
  • Groups attempt to influence government
  • Governments can best serve their people