Research & Opportunities

Following are some opportunities for enrichment and advancement that we offer in the Department of Physics:

Research Opportunities

Every summer, three to five research assistantships are granted to undergraduates of good academic standing. Each is typically in conjunction with the research of a faculty member. Some of these opportunities allow for the student to gain a flavor for the details of running an actual experimental laboratory while others provide the student with insight into the processes associated with the theoretical physicist.

Summer work is typically done in the department's facilities but on occasion may take place at a cooperating university or a national laboratory. Results of such research are often published in professional journals with the articles including the name of the assisting student(s).

Teaching Opportunities

A physics major may have the opportunity to become a teaching assistant for specific undergraduate laboratory courses each semester. This rewarding experience of passing on one's knowledge of physics to one's peers not only builds the skills necessary for communicating that knowledge but also helps to reinforce it.

Physics Club and Honors Society

Enrollment in physics is traditionally small, leading to a student/faculty ratio which rarely exceeds 10 in the advanced courses. This results in a friendly and informal rapport between the faculty and the students. The small class sizes and friendly faculty contribute to creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among the students. Students often depend on each other by means of study groups. To further enhance this family-like environment, faculty and upperclassmen conduct regular help sessions to those students who desire them.

Physics club, through which these sessions are organized, contributes weekly seminars, picnics, and an annual field trip to the list of departmental activities. The Physics department is home to the local chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society. Outstanding students are recognized and initiated into the society at an annual induction ceremony which is followed by a lecture delivered by a distinguished physicist.

Career Opportunities in Physics

The diversity and solid foundation in science fundamentals provided by the program in physics will prepare a student for virtually any modern technical career. In addition, the curriculum is flexible, and allows students to orient their degree towards other disciplines. In the past physics students have pursued successful careers in not only physics but also chemistry, engineering, biotechnology, computer science, medicine, technical writing, law, and business.

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