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About Us


The Physics Department is an exceptionally well-equipped undergraduate department. Our research facilities include a Mossbauer spectroscopy laboratory, an ultra-high vacuum chamber, a 50 kilogauss programmable magnet, an X-ray spectrometer, and a Raman spectrometer.

The undergraduate laboratories include nuclear technology, nuclear magnetic resonance, electronics, electromagnetism, optics, and many other aspects of general physics. The department is equipped with elaborate computer facilities, including (for students working in Dr. Stuver's gravitational wave group) access to the supercomputing resources of the Nobel Prize-winning LIGO collaboration.

We are especially interested in involving students in our research, and we have numerous students supported by the University, the Department, and by external research grants won by our faculty. Our graduates are adept at solving problems using quantitative techniques that probe the fundamental building blocks of nature, and as such have a wide variety of career opportunities available to them.