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The Critical Theory Workshop or Atelier de Théorie Critique



Program Director

Prof. Gabriel Rockhill


Paris, France





The Critical Theory Workshop or Atelier de Théorie Critique is an intensive graduate-level program, which takes place every summer in Paris. The primary objective of the Workshop is to provide an international forum for interdisciplinary and comparative research in critical theory, in the broadest sense of the term. Participants are exposed to the work of contemporary thinkers and engage with current debates in the Francophone world.

The Workshop, which takes place at the Sorbonne in central Paris, does not follow the traditional structure of a course, with exegetical lectures, assignments and grades. Instead, it functions as a collaborative platform for the sharing and perfecting of autonomous research projects. It is comprised of three components: i) a research forum on a specific topic in which “recherches en cours” are presented and discussed ii) a series of public rencontres, or debates and discussions with prominent or emerging intellectuals iii) working groups in which each participant workshops a specific research project in consultation with other participants.

The language of instruction is English, but some of the activities take place in French with English summary translations.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that applicants have a working knowledge of the French language, which will be important for analyzing original texts in the research forum and understanding the nuances of the activities that will take place in French with English translations. 

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Critical Theory Workshop



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* Limited tuition remission may be available in certain cases.